Merging Transforms with Insted


Insted is a really useful tool for working with .MSI transforms, but reading the documentation here:
There is no direct reference to merging transforms (at the time of publishing anyway) and initially I thought this functionality was not present. I did know however that that Insted allows you to apply multiple transforms, although the default view you see after applying multiple transforms is the (highlighted) changes made by the last transform to be applied, so you could be forgiven for believing the last transform simply replaces the previous one.

The documentation explains how to change this to a combined view so you can see changes merged from all the transforms:

Transform Base
“By default, InstEd will hightlight the changes that the last transform makes. From version on, it is possible to change the transform base (Transform->Change Transform Base…). This will change the point in the chain that marks the base file for highlighting changes. For example, if three transforms are applied in the chain, changing the transform base to the original msi will highlight all changes made by all transforms.”

Note our 2nd transform does not appear in the screenshot of this step below, as it is the last item in the chain and would not be a valid choice.

Change BaseSo now we see the changes that will appear in our merged transform and confirm it is what we require. If there are overlapping changes in the transforms, what we see will depend on the order the transforms were applied.

Saving Combined Transform
In order to create our merged transform all we now simply select File -> Save As and get presented with the confirmation screen shown below.
Save Merged TransformClick [Yes] to proceed and save/create the merged transform.