GlidePoint Touchpad Drivers Preventing Hibernation

I have a Cirque SmatCat touchpad that I use mainly because of the improvements in scrolling it gives me via the Powerscroll capability. This is the closest I have found to the Synaptics “Coasting” feature that I can use on a desktop PC. One of the things that is better with the Synaptics devices is that you lift the finger when you start the coasting and then tap when you want scrolling to stop. PowerScroll scrolls  till you lift your finger which puts more strain on your wrist.

Having said that I tried Coasting on a Lenovo Thinkpad T410 with a Synaptics touchpad recently and I couldn’t get it to work at all, it would only “coast” for about an inch.

But I digress, we were going to talk hibernation. After I installed the Glidepoint 3.7 drivers on my Windows 7 Professional (64bit) system, I found that I could no longer hibernate my computer – it would just wake again immediately. Here’s how I fixed the problem.

Right click on Computer and select Manage, then open Device Manager and expand the keyboard and mouse devices:


You may not think your Touchpad has a keyboard, but if you look at the properties on the HID Keyboard device(s) you have listed, you will find one marked with a Location of  “on GlidePoint 3.7 USB Smart Cat (Pinnacle AG)”.

HID KB Properties

You now need to switch to the Power Management tab and untick the option to “Allow this Device to wake the computer”.


Repeat the process for “HID Compliant Mouse” (with the same Location info) and you are done.

A quick update on this article to advise that I have just experienced similar issues with a Lenovo Thinkpad USB Keyboard with Ultranav, with similar resolution.



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